About On-line Minwon Service

KMA's On-line Minwon Service paper
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KMA is provides a service for issuing ‘weather certificate“ that can officially prove weather-related phenomena in the past

The weather certificate is applied by online from the KMA’s On-line Minwon Service website, and It can be also applied by visit, phone, or mail through the minwon service offices of KMA(Local KMA, etc.).

Ex) The weather data such as precipitation and temperature are used in constructions, agriculture, fisheries, education sectors, and other industries.

On-line Minwon Service type
  • Weather data

    It provides the weather data that can be used for research papers and any other use.

  • Weather phenomena

    It issues a certificate of weather phenomena that can be used as a proof in other institutions.

  • One-stop Minwon service

    You can get general information of Minwon service.

  • Administration

    It offers a service to public or private sectors to get registration of entrepreneur and a certificate of weather forecaster.